A Myriad of Uses for Your Kenwood Blender!

So what is a blender and how can it truly contrast from a food processor?

Like food processors, blenders make routine food planning undertakings faster and simpler to perform. Blenders are not the same as food processors in two fundamental ways. Container blenders, right off the bat, have a proper cutting edge instead of tradable connections. Hand blenders by and large accompany different edges or connections, however the customary container blender that sits as a proper thing on your kitchen worktop has the one fixed cutting edge. The furthermore and more tremendous contrast between a blender and a food processor is that blenders work around fluid based items to move the particles around the sharp edge, and blend, puree or emulsify the food. In this way thicker combinations work best in a food processor, while liquid based fixings are fit to a blender.

What are beneficial things to make with a Kenwood Blender?


Get the Kenwood blender to wonder up a tasty beverage! A large number of us long for sound smoothies for breakfast, yet truly we might not possess the energy for setting it up first thing. So why not make a major amount in a Kenwood container blender and have it there and all set in your cooler for all the family. Likewise having a container loaded with heavenly smoothie will be a gladly received and solid reward when children are home from school. Utilizing a lot of splendidly hued delicate natural products, a couple of bananas to give it body, and yogurt, milk, or even coconut milk as a base, a give an assortment will exist to suit each taste. Simply toss every kenwood food processor parts one of your fixings into a Kenwood blender, put on the cover, press the button and watch your smoothie zooming into life!

Indian Lassi!

What about an Indian Lassi drink to cool the sense of taste after some hot and fiery food? All you really want is a Kenwood Blender, a couple of fundamental fixings, and you’re prepared. Utilize 175ml of regular yogurt with 350ml ice and water. For a pungent lassi, add a decent touch of salt and one tablespoon of new mint leaves. For a sweet lassi, add 1-2 tablespoons caster sugar rather than the salt and mint. Whether you love pungent or sweet, simply marvel up your fixings in a Kenwood blender and serve in chilled glasses. In the event that you making a huge amount for a couple of companions, a container assortment of Kenwood blender is perfect, permitting you to deliver a decent amount and afterward pour and serve many glasses. In the event that you simply need a speedy beverage then a hand-held Kenwood blender is quick and great. One way or another, you will get the right smooth Kenwood mix.

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